Caesura Media Limited

Delivery focused full stack web development. Adaptable to changing requirements, deadlines and technologies, we aim to provide maintainable, documented and tested code to demanding customers.

Contact andyc [at] caesuramedia [dot] com

Key Expertise

  • JavaScript, CSS5, HTML5, jQuery
  • Node.js, Bootstrap 5, Express, EJS, npm, npx, yarn, pm2, gulp, WebPack, Chrome Dev Tools
  • git, CVS
  • Responsive Design
  • REST API implementations
  • AWS GameLift, S3, Application Gateway API, VPC
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL
  • React Native (Android, Web), Expo
  • Firebase hosting, Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Push Messaging
  • Linux (Ubuntu, AWS)
  • Bash scripting
  • Gimp, ImageMagick, ffmpeg
  • MPEG-DASH, Bento4, ExpressPlay DRM, Dash.js, BitMovin, Video.js, Shaka DRM video
  • OpenCV-Python, Google Vision
  • JIRA, RallyDev, BugZilla
  • Agile
  • Test - regression, stress, automation, unit
  • Bouncer, Plaid, Zendesk, Voxbone, NetworkIP, Zeplin, Agora
  • Apache, LAMP, nginx
  • Linux Audio
  • Web Dashboards, Portals


Messagelabs Ltd (Now part of Symantec)

Completed evaluation of Perl-based test automation tools with Perl CPAN libraries. Successful requirements clarification and subsequent test cases designed. Established a Perl test environment on Linux and Windows 7 (cygwin, ssh, PuTTY, VMWare guests).

Atradius Credit Insurance

Delivered intuitive web pages for fast, concurrent data processing by use of Perl OO /CGI, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Oracle SQL. Improved usability of key web pages to enable multiple data entries to be processed concurrently, which saved up to 4 hours a week of users' time. Delivered a Perl code base synchronization and refactoring programme, which ensured a maintainable, documented code base across test, development and production environments. Enabled a faster development-to-production process by refactoring the key environments. Implementation and process control of many change requests as business needs changed.

IBM UK Laboratories, Hursley

Successful deliveries of test automation in Perl, ksh and bash on AIX. Implementation of Perl Test automation adhering to test case specifications, ensuring all configurations are automatically set up and tests applied then results logged. Development of sandbox builds for specific code-under-test configurations. Assertion and requirement analysis for use-case / test-case design. Delivery of a Web based test progress monitor tool which gave an instant view of test process rather than manually looking through log files. Successful implementation a code-coverage tool with Web front-end using Perl CGI and MySQL, yielding a 72% coverage result. Formal acceptance, system, integration, regression and stress testing of IBM SAN Volume Controller using Perl test automation. Host systems (installation, configuration and use) : SuSE, RedHat, AIX 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Windows 2000/2003/XP, X-Windows (hummingbird, cygwin and native Unix). Test script software configuration management using CVS. Configuration of Fiber Channel SAN test stands in customer, debug and test modes. Including set up of disk controllers; switch zoning, host adapter / host multi-pathing and IBM SAN volume controller integration. Test Plan development from specifications. Raising defect reports, verifying defect fixes, working with design/development teams on defect analysis, collecting debug data. Status reporting on test script development and progress against milestones. Daily use of defect management and reporting tools

IBM UK Laboratories, Hursley

Perl programming as with the July-May 09 contract at IBM, including successfully implementing a code-coverage tool with Web front-end using Perl CGI. Development of a Web based test progress monitor tool.

National Air Traffic Systems (NATS)

Air Traffic Control test tools team - developing and configuring test software with user documentation including test schedules and user/installation guides. Successful implementation of a local configuration management (CM) tool using Perl OO and CVS on AIX (Korn Shell). Debugging and support of radar injection software written in C. Large radar data analysis tools using Perl.

Meggitt Avionics

High and low level design, code and testing of standby instrumentation in real-time Ada for commercial aircraft. Perl development utilities for Avionics teams' use. Real-time, embedded C programming on Texas Instruments target.

Data Sciences/IBM

Code and formal testing of Data Links Ada software on Windows platform, Perl support for code development.

Westinghouse Signals

Testing Ada software using AdaTEST on Sun Unix platform.

Siemens Plessey Systems

Development, testing and support of ASTERIX radar data decoders on DEC Alpha Unix platform. Development of support utilities in C and Perl.

Thorn EMI Electronics

Development of test suite for a GUI in Ada involving Ada X Interface in HP-UX Unix environment. Development of Ada to X-Windows message router, release and integration.