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We do websites
Caesura Media Limited develops simple and effective websites and the occasional Android App to enhance your online presence.

Examples of our work website

This is an eCommerce site for Valerie's artworks where art lovers can buy Giclee prints online.
Bardic Vintage Books website

This is a website for a delightful vintage bookshop in South Wales. website

Short stories website for Andy KJ Cragg. website

The music of ChintzBaby. website

Andy Cragg artworks. website

AKJ Cragg Photography. website

Scrembl : a message obfuscation tool. website

MemTyles : a memory game.

GateWay screenplay mockup site
Mockup of a web page for a screenplay called GateWay

A mockup of a website for a screenplay called "GateWay". Read the screenplay

Scammed screenplay mockup site
Cammed screenplay website

A mockup of a website for a screenplay called "Scammed". Read the screenplay

android apps
android.apps website

Android Apps developed and delivered to the Google Play Store.

What we can do for you

  • Website design
  • Email setup
  • SEO
  • Web-optimised photographs and directly streamed videos (ie not YouTube with ads)
  • Copywriting hints
  • Fully responsive websites work on every device
  • Simple Android Apps to match your website
  • Site backups
  • Fast and reliable servers
  • Analytics
  • Anything else, just ask!
We can provide new email addresses along with the setting up of your web pages. Professional businesses always have email addresses matching their domain names, like
We apply a good few Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to get your site onto Google and others.
Your domain name is always owned by you, so you can take it to any other web service without needing any handover involvement from us.
Analytics and Search Console
We can set up Analytics and Search Consoles for you so that you can see how your site is performing.
We use technologies such as React, React Native, Bootstrap, Masonry, MPEG-DASH, Next.js, Firebase and others, whichever is best to suit your needs.
As well as an online presence, we can design and print stationary (like business cards, invoices etc) which match your website branding. It is important that your organisation has consistent branding on all communications.
Because the websites we design are straightforward, simple and effective, we believe we can be very competitive on price.
About us
We are based in South Wales but can create websites for anyone in the world! We have many years of experience creating and maintaining websites, so we are sure we can create an ideal site for you.
Our hours are generally 10-6 Mon-Fri UK time and we prefer contact by email to keep this site nice and simple.
Contact us at


March 2024
We are working hard on this website to showcase our work and will always be a work-in-progress as we get feedback from our customers.

Feb 2024
We delivered a website to Bardic Vintage Books to a delighted bookshop owner, Kath!

December 2023
For artist Valerie Taylor we have set up a webpage with eCommerce support so you can buy prints of her work online. We have an arrangement with a Giclee printing service so that prints get sent to the buyer without any interaction with the web master :
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